For many community projects involving gardens or outdoor spaces is the concept of design unfortunately overlooked.  There are many reasons for this: expertise, funding, time, labour etc.  However for a community project, design can be one of the most important aspects.  The design phase is crucial to thinking about mistakes, delays and errors that might occur in the development of the project; at this time, waste and resources can be identified and connected into a system.

What Lloyd Richards Design does is give community groups the expertise, time and labour to making sure that the design for their gardens, ecosystems and outdoor spaces are brought about to their fullest.  We provide consultation on many aspects and scales for a project/ We offer professional support in surveying, cartography, soil analysis and graphics.

Some examples of what we provide for community projects:

  • Soil Analysis
  • Site Mapping and Analysis
  • Master Plans (ecological sucession)
  • Detailed Plans (printed or digital)
  • Planting Plans (with budgets and pricing)
  • Consultations on Existing Plans
  • Project Planning (timelines, budgets, grants etc)



Once a project is built, most projects will rely on volunteers to do the bulk of the maintenance.  Many won't have a budget allotted for professional care even when it is most needed.  Lloyd Richards Design offers subsidize rates to community gardens to make sure that projects receive the professional care they need to be successful (see Residencial Services).  Whether this be season maintenance or help with a build or volunteer day, what we do is make sure community projects have equal access to the tools, equipment and expertise to achieving social and environmental sustainability.

Services and equipment we provide:

  • Mowing
  • Strimming
  • Wood Chipping (40mm)
  • Organic Fertilizers (biofertilizers)
  • Hedge Clipping
  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Small Tree Removal
  • Carpentry
  • Masonry
  • Hard Landscaping

What we can provide will vary greatly depending on the project so we encourage anyone in need to contact us so we can start a conversation about what services and equipment we provide to best keep the project going.   Please send us an email at or phone at 07400490311 to discuss details.



For many community leaders, accessing the information they need to properly design, complete and maintain a project can be time consuming and costly.  For one off jobs it might be sensible to consult with an expert on a subject but for when multiple designs or projects require understanding it can be simpler to learn first hand.  For this reason we offer community leaders a variety of  options to learn regenerative garden design and maintenance so that they can best implement it themselves.

The most common way to learn regenerative gardening is through workshops which we offer to both residential and community clients.  These workshops tackle a specific set of skills and information that will empower you to design, build and maintain sustainability.  More geared towards empowering individuals to have an impact in their own projects, community leaders can apply to have the workshop costs reduced or subsidized as part of being a social enterprise.

Another way we can offer education is if a community project would like to host a workshop on a specific topic then they can hire us as a teacher or co-teacher to help run the event.  The format of these events would be up to the community group and would work more to educate a particular group, such as regular volunteers or directors, so that they can coordinate with a similar level of knowledge in sustainability.

Bearpit Gardens with Incredible Edible

Bearpit Gardens with Incredible Edible

Volunteering with Woodland Trust on Purdown Open Space

Volunteering with Woodland Trust on Purdown Open Space

La Loma Topography Maps

La Loma Topography Maps

Price Breakdown


1-3% of Grant Applications
<80% Subsidized Hourly Rate

As each project requires a different type of design and can scope a different range of resources and times, we will instead outline the typical process for requesting design work as a community project and outline areas where we can subsidize costs and offer support.

1.  Community leader contacts us about wanting to work on a project, either by email, phone or in person.  A meeting is organized to discuss the projects and the needs of the community project.

2.  The meeting consists of outlining the project, terms and conditions and coming to an agreement on roles and responsibilities.

3.  (option 1) A budget has been set aside for design work. We offer our services at a scaled subsidized hourly rate over the duration of the project..

    (option 2) Consultation or expertise is needed for grant applications.  Our services will be priced as a percent of the total grant amount and included in the grant application as a  professional consultation.

    (option 3) Consultation for grant application as well as continued involvement in development and/or management.  If our services are required past the application process then we can offer subsidized hourly rate.

4.  Invoicing for our services will be outlined in our terms and conditions and will be done while keeping the projects budget and revenue in mind.

We also offer short consultations for projects so they can research for themselves what their project may need.  The best way for community projects to find out more is to get in contact either via email or phone 07400490311.


Tool Rental at Cost
<80% Subsidized Hourly Rate

Hiring a professional to help with the maintenance of community project works very similar to how someone would do it for a residential home.  We work closely with the client to figure out their needs and then provide them with options of what we can do to achieve those, while being transparent and reliable about our costing and services.  The biggest difference for community services is that we aim to subsidize our costs as much as possible with the help from profits on residential services (see Residential Services)

The most literal way this is done is by providing our services with up to 80% reduction in cost.  This means that for standard maintenance services a community project can look to hire us starting at £4/hr, tools included.  This makes our professional services much more accessible to community projects so they can budget in professional maintenance when it is most needed.  This subsidy is based on the profits from residential clients so depending on the time of year and volume of clients we are handling so it is very important that community projects interested in our services get in contact with us in advance so we can organize to accommodate them.

The other way we provide services to community projects is in tool rental and operation, such as chippers, mowers, strimmers etc.  While we may not have a huge selection of tools for large scale projects what we do have we can at least offer at minimal cost to help community projects with builds or maintence.  This means for seasonal jobs like pruning or mulching we can offer our rent out a small chipper for the cost of maintenance and transportation, eg £10/day.


<100% Subsidized Workshop Rate
<50% Subsidized Hourly Rate

Community groups looking for education in sustainable design or practices will typically be looking either to educate themselves so they can facilitate their project more efficiently, or looking to educate their audience or community through events or workshops.  For both options the first step is contacting us either via email or phone 07400490311 so that we can discuss what it is you need and what it is we can offer.

If there is a particular workshop we are running that a community leader would like to attend but can not afford, then we offer scholarships thanks to the profit off the events.  This means that for every five participants we can offer up to one spot at a significantly reduced price so that the information is successful to those who need it.  These spots are picked on the basis of application or referral and are limited in number, therefor we highly encourage communication from community leaders to happen long before the event so we can organize appropriately.

For workshops or events hosted by a community group or project we usually charge our regular teaching cost of £35/hr or £250/day however depending on a community project's needs or budgets we can offer up to 50% subsidized rates.  Every event or workshop is different so the best way to see what we can do is by getting in contact and starting the discussion.