HappyDays 292

April 6, 2016

#HappyDays 292 Wonderful hikes into the mountains to see tiny hidden gems and beautiful views

HappyDays 287

March 20, 2016

#HappyDays 287 When i first started learning Spanish I wanted more then anything to be able to explain thing, and now I can give most of a demonstration on microbiology inoculations and even answer questions for the most part in Spanish ^^

HappyDays 286

March 14, 2016

#HappyDays 286 Making new friends and seeing old ones is why I travel.

HappyDays 283

March 7, 2016

#HappyDays 283 Making plans with travel friends to meet up while traveling.

HappyDays 269

January 15, 2016

#HappyDays 269 Making adventure for when you wake up without plans for one that day.

HappyDays 266

January 12, 2016

#HappyDays 266 Finding adventure means breaking trails where few have gone before on a hunch or feeling.

HappyDays 265

January 11, 2016

#HappyDays 265 Regardless of being on top of mountain, in a hot spring or drinking beer around a table; my friends are awesome.

HappyDays 264

January 10, 2016

#HappyDays 264 Rest days are not lazy days, they’re days of exploration that require less vertical gains.

HappyDays 261

December 6, 2015

#HappyDays 261 Very happy day of meeting new people, planting loving plants, dancing like a mad man and drinking many different fluids.

HappyDays 259

November 16, 2015

#HappyDays 259 Following troll footprints up the mountain

HappyDays 258

November 16, 2015

#HappyDays 258 Running along the lake that I use to visit 25 years ago

HappyDays 254

November 3, 2015

#HappyDays 254 Weekend getaways to woods in foreign countries with familiar faces

HappyDays 251

September 29, 2015

#HappyDays 251 While there might have only been five Welsh supporters in our section of the stadium, we still managed to make more noise than the 5,000 English supporters sitting around us.

HappyDays 249

September 20, 2015

#HappyDays 249 Morning walks through the mist and around the cliffs.

HappyDays 248

September 20, 2015

#HappyDays 248 Music editing all day and all night.

HappyDays 241

June 22, 2015

#HappyDays 241 I hate being bored cause I know that’s a self imposed state. That’s why I love improv hikes up the side of the tallest thing in driving distance with only three hours to sunset, though next time i’ll try to remember a water bottle.

HappyDays 224

June 5, 2015

#HappyDays 224 The garden was much greener than my realistic expectations had imagined, this is going to save me a lot of work.

HappyDays 222

June 1, 2015

#HappyDays 222 12 months and 8,802 km later I get to have a drink with this amazing soul, so glad the world is as small as I think it is.

HappyDays 215

May 24, 2015

#HappyDays 215 Finished my last bread baking shift… 13 days of 5am starts will slowly break you done from the inside out.

HappyDays 214

May 24, 2015

#HappyDays 214 Finished my Laurie Lee book, As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning, an absolutely amazing book.

HappyDays 209

May 17, 2015

#HappyDays 209 Hiding in the long grass waiting for the chickens to get comfortable enough to come out get a photo taken

HappyDays 199

April 29, 2015

#HappyDays 199 Got the first two walls to touch either end of the garden. That’s 50 meters of wall, 10 cubic meters of brick, 3.5 tons of cement.

HappyDays 176

April 7, 2015

#HappyDays 176 “I was at the age which feels neither strain nor friction, when the body burns magic fuels, so that it seems to glide in warm air, about a foot off the ground, smoothly obeying its intuitions. Even exhaustion, when it came, had a voluptuous quality, and sleep was caressive and deep, like oil. … Read More

HappyDays 158

March 20, 2015

#HappyDays 158 Watched a patch of slope I got to design the water catchment for NOT wash away in a flash flood

HappyDays 155

March 19, 2015

#HappyDays 155 After work Tuesday beers.

HappyDays 148

March 10, 2015

#HappyDays 148 Exploring abandoned vernacular Spanish architecture between cliffs and vines

HappyDays 147

March 9, 2015

#HappyDays 147 Beautiful sunrise and sunset on two very different parts of spain

HappyDays 146

March 8, 2015

#HappyDays 146 Managed to drive out of Granada without killing anyone in a standard I had learnt to drive two days before

HappyDays 145

March 7, 2015

#HappyDays 145 Wandering around the streets of Granada between beer and tapas.

HappyDays 130

February 20, 2015

#HappyDays 130 Printed the photos of the four Morroccan boys from Zagora to send to the hostel we stayed at so they can each get a copy

HappyDays 125

February 15, 2015

#HappyDays 125 Finished pages three and four of my new portfolio

HappyDays 124

February 14, 2015

#HappyDays 124 experienced a Spanish BBQ… Equal parts beer, meat and flamenco

HappyDays 123

February 13, 2015

#HappyDays 123 Ate salt and vinager chips after over four months of being away from them, tears were in my eyes.

February 9, 2015

#HappyDays 119 Ate borscht made from vegetables that we only found while weeding the garden beds