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For those who haven’t had a chance to fill out my questionnaire or would like to see what the formatting is like, you can find it here (Google Forms). As of writing this analysis I’ve got around 57 responses which is enough to make some graphs and have an understanding for the results. I’ve included a link to the response summery below in PDF as well for some more analysis. The information was very helpful in breaking down some misconceptions and confirming some things I knew including some hurdles that I’m going to have to jump in order to get clients such as low spending habits and seasonal demands. But that’s half the fun.

What can you tell me about gardening services_ – Google Forms Response Summary

From the questionnaire we can see that around 52.6% were homeowners, 57.9% worked full time and 85.5% had gardens of which only 17.5% had ever had design work done. This means that while there are lots of gardens with busy people unable to take care of them there are also a lot of gardens who are inexperienced with design and will not see the benefit of it. 62.5% identified with organic lifestyle and 40.4% were involved in community projects. This is good for confirming my trends and target market as these two areas were where I was going to advertise mainly. Bristol showed to have more full time working and homeowners as well lower confidence and knowledge in gardening. There was also a shift to more skills and confidence with those who knew of permaculture which will be useful to encourage more people to get involved. Seasonal drop offs in the winter are clearly shown as well as a disregard for wilderness and children playgrounds. On average gardens were under 100 sq meters and only got around £100/annual for maintenance. This posses a problem as my base cost exceeds this however this just means that I need to convince them of why it is important to have a garden and why spending money now can save them later on.

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