LloydRichardsDesign Business Plan Draft page 11

The past week has seen me storm through the rest of my business plan, get some good feedback from the Prince’s Trust as well as order most of the tools and marketing material I need to start in April. As it is right now, I’m going to be submitting my application for Business Launch group on the 22nd for the 24th panel which should also see me get the loans I need for the last of my design tools and courses.

For the business plan, my next step is to format it and add some pictures and graphs to better get across my ideas. Most of these have already been drawn in my notebooks so its just a process of this week of fitting them into the text. This means that I’ve got a very solid idea of how the business will run and have included the Operations page for some insight. I’m reluctant to repeat much about the nitty gritty of the business as I plan to do a lot of reshaping of the website in order to get this information across. Tomorrow though I will be posting the results of the questionnaire I made which have helped a lot in collecting quantitative and qualitative data on potential clients. I plan to collect more data from asking people at garden centers to fill out the questionnaire but for not the trends and correlations are quite strong.

Lots of the market strategies and research have revealed the idea of becoming a ‘thought leader’ in a field in order to generate interest and equity in my brand. This I’ve found to be very helpful in how I envision the long term plan for this company. What this means that the website, and by extension blogs, videos and other articles, will end up becoming a data bade for my knowledge and skills in order to demonstrate what I can do as well as offer helpful advise to those not in my local area. This also helps refine my teaching and presentation skills as well as lets me create rapport with clients as I can ask to use their gardens for shots/lessons in exchange for services.

All in all a very productive few days and still ramping up to my meeting on the 16th before submitting my final plan. At that time I’m sure I’ll post a draft for those interested to read though and have an idea of what I’m doing.

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