Right now I’m up in Scotland, working on a farm in the rain. While this means I have less time to work on my business plan it does mean I now have lots of time to contemplate and organize thoughts in my head which is really the best thing for this plan right now. As for how the plan is going, I’ve successfully finished my first pass of the booklet and written a page or two of notes on each section. Now my task is to transfer these notes into a digital template while I mull over the details as I go.

Each morning I add in a few notes, think about how to word it and then head out to do some farm chores. Continually rewording and rethinking my strategies helps to more closely narrow down exactly what I want to say and do. Today in particular was section three in which I examine the core products of my business. While before this had been plainly stated as design, maintenance and teaching this section more specifcly looks at the diffrent types of those products and how they will be implemented into the business. With a hard think today here is an exert from my business plan:

Garden Design

Small (up to 200 sq. meter) Garden designs under 200 sq meters; including two separate site visits, goal articulation, detailed soil and site analysis, outline design plans, 2-4 guild/zone designs, final report with estimates.

Medium (201 – 600 sq.meter) Garden designs between 200 and 600 sq. meters; includes three separate site visits, goal articulation, detailed soil and site analysis, outline design plans, earthworks designs, 4-8 guild/zone designs, final report with estimates.

Larger (601 + sq. meter) Garden designs over 600 sq. meters; includes four separate site visits, goal articulation, detailed soil and site analysis, outline design plans, earthworks designs, 8-16 guild/zone designs, final report with estimates, one follow up within year of completion.

Garden Maintenance

Seasonal Gardening activities specific to time of year; such as pruning, mulching, chop-n-drop, hay harvest, propagation, resting garden etc

Assisted Gardening Working with the client to teach and help with gardening activities; may include heavy lifting, digging, planting, seasonal jobs, ordering material, supplying specialty tools etc

System Incorporating Working single regenerative systems into existing garden; such as irrigation, water harvesting, composting, greenhouse assembly, raised beds, animals, bees etc


Skill Workshops Self organized and hosted locally either on a site or in community hall; skills may include various permaculture or organic gardening techniques or more theory based information on mycology, permaculture, food forestry etc.

Permaculture Teacher Teaching Intro to Permaculture and Permaculture Design Certificate courses with other accredited teachers; specialties may include design, ecology, site analysis, business etc

Hosted Instructor May be invited to teach on behalf of another organization in my specialty or on a skill based workshop; can provide course curriculum, information flyers, tool demonstrations, and flexibility on travel.

On top of defining each product more thoroughly, I’ve also decided how the social enterprise plays into these:

As a social enterprise, these products will be able to be offered as a grant or pro bono to community projects and individuals selected. During financial review, profits from each product will go towards creating oppertunities for those in need of help with their own projects. Products may also be offered conditionally in order to incorporate community betterment; eg Permaculture Teaching- offering one scholarship to selected individual to take the course in exchange for reduced rates.

That’s all my mind has for today, for now its a decaf coffee, a donut and some rest before doing it all again tomorrow.

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