Today I had my first meeting with my Business Plan Mentor at Prince’s Trust, he helped to answer some questions I had on the formatting and content as well as assure me that I’m on track with the business plan and that I should be able to get into Business Launch Group by March. This will put me in an excellent position for when I’m back in April as I will hopefully have both the plan, support and finances to hit the ground running with this business.

Major leaps forward have been done in accords to costing and cash flow as I start to write out the bare bones and survival budgets for the company. As it stands it seems like I need to complete any more than 6 half days of garden maintenance or more than 4 full days in order to cover overhead costs, but that’s not taking into consideration the legal and insurance issues that I’m covering tomorrow. Still this makes me more assured that I’m actually going to make some money with this, and that any I classify as ‘profit’ will be going to make amazing things grow in community projects. Once I’ve done a month or two testing out the Maintenance side of the company, I’ll be starting to take on designs which will cover even more costs and allow more distribution of my time.

Finally, I completed five separate designs to go on the back of my marketing flyers. These provide detailed ecological and functional descriptions of some of my favourite plants as well as hand sketched images. My hope is that in order to improve my business recognition I can remove a lot of these flyers from potential landfills and have then stuck to fridges, on desk or coffee tables long enough to spark interest and conversation.

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