Most of the last few days have been going over and over the market research I’d done as well as coming up with ideas for different marketing strategies to get in contact with my target markets. So far I’m going to be starting with a door to door flyer strategy so that I can keep the market area close by. According to PT, flyers are only really 2%-10% successful in attracting clients with the majority of them being binned before they are read. In order increase this percent I’ve designed one side with business information (as seen here) and the other has plant information on things they might have or want in their gardens. This will hopefully get my flyers out of the bin and at least saved for a latter read. All flyers will of course be printed on recycled paper in order to follow my Cafe for Earth ethics, even if they cost more.

I’ve also been looking at what qualifications would distinguish me from other designers. From the permaculture side, upgrading my PDC (certificate) to a APD (diploma) this gives me an edge of many of the smaller designers and well as gets more connections within the permaculture community. From the horticultural side, getting a RHS level 2 and later level 3 will allow for professional recognition of designs and work as well as open up industry connections in horticulture. All in all these will cost close to £1000 and take around two years to complete but this is an excellent goal to aim towards.

One more thought that I’ve been playing with as a marketing strategy would be to make pencils similar to Sprout which contain seeds in the tips. But instead of having herbs, filling the cap with microbiotic inoculate and companion species in order to spread awareness of regenerative gardening and the company. The idea will need some testing and cost analysis in order to better target the appropriate markets and get successful results but its a start. Some examples would be clover with Rhizobium inoculate so they spread nitrogen fixing bacteria once established. In the end, three seeds and a little bit of inoculate isn’t going to fix a garden, but it hopefully will spark interest and conversation about what regenerative gardening is.

For now, getting the WIW Grant sorted out before I leave as well as finishing design on the flyers take priority so that I can start field market research in the break between Scotland and Spain.

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