HappyDays 252

September 29, 2015

#HappyDays 252 Sitting on my bed which I made, in a room that I paid for, after a job that I work for, in a city that I am currently calling home. All very odd feelings.

HappyDays 251

September 29, 2015

#HappyDays 251 While there might have only been five Welsh supporters in our section of the stadium, we still managed to make more noise than the 5,000 English supporters sitting around us.

HappyDays 250

September 20, 2015

#HappyDays 250 Sunday roast beef with yorkshire pud after a long night out with new friends and plenty of dancing.

HappyDays 249

September 20, 2015

#HappyDays 249 Morning walks through the mist and around the cliffs.

HappyDays 248

September 20, 2015

#HappyDays 248 Music editing all day and all night.

HappyDays 247

September 17, 2015

#HappyDays 247 While i can’t say that i’m “fan” of Banksy’s work, I can say that its all very interesting and worth a bit of appreciation.

HappyDays 246

September 16, 2015

#HappyDays 246 Traveled the world seeing amazing animals and landscapes and one of the most interesting caterpillar (Elephant Hawk Moth) was in a backyard in Western Super Mare.

HappyDays 245

September 8, 2015

#HappyDays 245 Exploring the wonders of Dismaland at sunset.

HappyDays 244

September 6, 2015

#HappyDays 244 Picked up my mandolin after a lengthy break and started getting my fingers back into shape.

Entitlement or Employment

September 6, 2015

When asked what I do, my first response is usually that I am a full time traveller.  When I left school I took a long hard look at my life and decided that what I wanted to do most was travel, but unfortunately I’m not paid to do so.  So when an employer asks what … Read More

HappyDays 243

September 4, 2015

#HappyDays 243 Got paid for the first time in London, feels good to have money in my pocket again.