HappyDays 199

April 29, 2015

#HappyDays 199 Got the first two walls to touch either end of the garden. That’s 50 meters of wall, 10 cubic meters of brick, 3.5 tons of cement.

HappyDays 198

April 29, 2015

#HappyDays 198 After three weeks of digging, shoveling and building, I finally get planning permission do them.

HappyDays 197

April 29, 2015

#HappyDays 197 Finished digging out the third keyhole for the garden.

HappyDays 196

April 27, 2015

#HappyDays 196 Rainy days are best for finishing CVs, looking for jobs, getting depressed, and reading comics for the rest of the day

HappyDays 194

April 27, 2015

#HappyDays 194 Got so much done with six extra hands to shovel and lay bricks

HappyDays 193

April 24, 2015

#HappyDays 193 Had a Sean Penn moment today with a Carpenter Bee where instead of running for my camera I just sat there and watched her.

HappyDays 192

April 24, 2015

#HappyDays 192 Laid bricks and concrete for 10 hours until I had to crawl back to the house and skip dinner cause I was so tired and sunstroke (this is actually a very happy day^^)

HappyDays 191

April 22, 2015

#HappyDays 191 One of the best parts of my day is waking up and checking on my seedlings to see who has poked their head up in the night, today was the Siberian Peashrub

HappyDays 190

April 22, 2015

#happyDays 190 Learnt today that I am not anaphylactic to wasps (and by extension bees) and that I am quite vengeful about getting bitten while I suntan

HappyDays 189

April 20, 2015

#HappyDays 189 Had my withdrawal date moved back by a week so I would not be charged for the fall semester, feels like 2714.88 pounds have been lifted off my chest

HappyDays 188

April 19, 2015

#HappyDays 188 Drove the car into the new pergola space without crashing into any trees or bottoming out

HappyDays 187

April 19, 2015

#HappyDays 187 Feeling lots of love from all over the globe on the day I’m tucked away from all it

HappyDays 186

April 19, 2015

#HappyDays 186 Got to say one line in a spanish TV show that I only messed up once

HappyDays 185

April 16, 2015

#HappyDays 185 Returning to find many of my cuttings from three months ago rooting and ready for transplanting

HappyDays 184

April 15, 2015

#HappyDays 184 Cemented in the first layer of bricks on the first layer of wall on the first terrace.

HappyDays 183

April 14, 2015

#HappyDays 183 HappySixMonths of HappyDays!!!! That moment when you’re complaining with the delivery driver about how bad the road to the house is when you realize that you might actually know Spanish now.

HappyDays 182

April 14, 2015

#HappyDays 182 Poured my first patch of concrete into the garden, will this garden put me in ground before the end? We will see.

HappyDays 181

April 12, 2015

#HappyDays 181 Finished my portfolio today which has been tormenting me for the past 181 days.

HappyDays 180

April 12, 2015

#HappyDays 180 Filled my greenhouse to capacity with seedlings and now spend every spare moment watching for them to start growing.

HappyDays 179

April 10, 2015

#HappyDays 179 And the fourth out the ground is Vachellia farnesiana (Needle Bush) which was collected in Zagora, Morocco back in Dec and then travelled to Turkey, Germany and then back to Spain before getting a chance to live five months later./p>

HappyDays 178

April 10, 2015

#HappyDays 178 Drove around a narrow streeted hill town in spain in a standard car without googlemaps and didnt kill anyone or myself/p>

HappyDays 177

April 10, 2015

#HappyDays 177 And the first plant out the ground is Physalis peruviana (Inca Berry) followed by Physalis peruviana (Yellow Tomato) and coming in third is Melissa officinalis (La Loma Lemon Balm)/p>

HappyDays 176

April 7, 2015

#HappyDays 176 “I was at the age which feels neither strain nor friction, when the body burns magic fuels, so that it seems to glide in warm air, about a foot off the ground, smoothly obeying its intuitions. Even exhaustion, when it came, had a voluptuous quality, and sleep was caressive and deep, like oil. … Read More

HappyDays 175

April 6, 2015

#HappyDays 175 Watched something that I had designed over and over and over in my head for the last six months finally take shape

HappyDays 174

April 5, 2015

#HappyDays 174 (Two days of clouds, I know) Moved 18 yards of dirt from the garden to form the first terrace, not bad for just a hoe, shovel and wheelbarrow.

HappyDays 173

April 4, 2015

#HappyDays 173 Bought a scanner and merged the first page of my portfolio!

HappyDays 172

April 4, 2015

#HappyDays 172 Jumped in the pool declaring it summer… and then jumped back out to reassess it as Spring

HappyDays 171

April 3, 2015

#HappyDays 171 After five months of planning, researching and designing – the first stakes went into the patio and the digger ordered for monday.

HappyDays 170

April 3, 2015

#HappyDays 170 “That Zamoran wheat-plain was my first taste of Spanish heat – the brass-taloned lion which licks the afternoon ground ready to consume anyone not wise enough to take cover. Exposed to its rasping tongue, I learnt soon enough one of the obvious truths of summer, that no man, beast or bird – and … Read More

HappyDays 169

April 3, 2015

#HappyDays 169 Shared my fruit pastels with the nice lady beside me on the plane and got a bag of hoolahoops later in the flight

HappyDays 168

April 3, 2015

#HappyDays 168 Walking in that special kind of dreek British rain brings back so many memories of my childhood