HappyDays 167

March 29, 2015

#HappyDays 167 Another day, another country, another loaf of sourdough baked and consumed

HappyDays 166

March 28, 2015

#HappyDays 166 Sticky toffee pudding with custard and a Guinness after a long hike along the coast of Wales

HappyDays 165

March 28, 2015

#HappyDays 165 “English cooking, like English weather, is training for the unavoidable hardships of life” glad this doesnt apply to Welsh cooking

HappyDays 164

March 26, 2015

#HappyDays 164 Sat down on the plane and made one of those instant connection travel friends and chatted the whole flight before falling asleep next to each other on the bus

HappyDays 163

March 26, 2015

#HappyDays 163 Tried explaining to the guy at the grow op store what i was growing with the heat mat and pump without much success

HappyDays 162

March 26, 2015

#HappyDays 162 found out that about a fifth of my cuttings have rooted and are now going to be part of the patio design

HappyDays 161

March 23, 2015

#HappyDays 161 Went for a lovely walk after work with a new friend finding very strange and bizarre bugs

HappyDays 160

March 22, 2015

#HappyDays 160 Planted a small forest of mangos, advocadoes and bananas today around the end of the pool… now to wait 10-15 years.

HappyDays 159

March 22, 2015

#HappyDays 159 Scanned through meteorological data in spanish til my brains were mush

HappyDays 158

March 20, 2015

#HappyDays 158 Watched a patch of slope I got to design the water catchment for NOT wash away in a flash flood

HappyDays 157

March 19, 2015

#HappyDays 157 The foundation of a good foundation is a good foundation.

HappyDays 156

March 19, 2015

#HappyDays 156 Designed the master plan for the villa patio, now for succession plans

HappyDays 154

March 19, 2015

#HappyDays 154 Learnt way to much about vetiver grass today as well as got my hands on a couple plants

HappyDays 155

March 19, 2015

#HappyDays 155 After work Tuesday beers.

HappyDays 153

March 15, 2015

#HappyDays 152 Look a peak back at the old Lloyd and felt very proud of how far I’ve come

HappyDays 152

March 14, 2015

#HappyDays 152 Wrote up and researched over 120 plants for the Villa Patio projects

HappyDays 151

March 13, 2015

#HappyDays 151 Last croissant and cappuccino in the big the city

HappyDays 150

March 12, 2015

#HappyDays 150 Sneaking through a botanical garden at night avoiding the drug dealers, lovers and police so I can steal cuttings

HappyDays 149

March 11, 2015

#HappyDays 149 Made a bonsai out of an olive tree

HappyDays 148

March 10, 2015

#HappyDays 148 Exploring abandoned vernacular Spanish architecture between cliffs and vines

HappyDays 147

March 9, 2015

#HappyDays 147 Beautiful sunrise and sunset on two very different parts of spain

HappyDays 146

March 8, 2015

#HappyDays 146 Managed to drive out of Granada without killing anyone in a standard I had learnt to drive two days before

HappyDays 145

March 7, 2015

#HappyDays 145 Wandering around the streets of Granada between beer and tapas.

HappyDays 144

March 7, 2015

#HappyDays 144 Received an amazing stylized caricature of myself which im now in need of a home to hang on my wall

HappyDays 143

March 6, 2015

#HappyDays 143 Took cash out of an ATM for the first time in six months, feels good to be less dependent on plastic again.

HappyDays 142

March 4, 2015

#HappyDays 142 Finished work, had a shower and then packed my bag for the next week of adventure and travel.

HappyDays 141

March 3, 2015

#HappyDays 141 Turned over a kilo of Sid the Sourdough into two very large pizzas for dinner

HappyDays 140

March 2, 2015

#HappyDays 140 Guess what I made today?

HappyDays 139

March 1, 2015

#HappyDays 139 Slept most the day in a hammock covered by my Edible Forestry book and suspended off the ground by a slackline