HappyDays 138

February 28, 2015

#HappyDays 138 Finished reading the first half of a text book on site analysis and assessment and now have way to much information about soil in my head

HappyDays 137

February 27, 2015

#HappyDays 137 Put up a new hook rack for the pots and pans made from a nice piece of wood that use to be part of the old rafters.

HappyDays 136

February 26, 2015

#HappyDays 136 Got to set up a photoshoot of a new Permaculture Institute resisdence for their site, so much IKEA kitchen stuff.

HappyDays 135

February 25, 2015

#HappyDays 135 Excavated and restored a 5000 year old Arab Qanat system (horizontal well) ready for the PDC here in May.

HappyDays 134

February 24, 2015

#HappyDays 134 Explored an abandoned spanish farm house in a Cork Oak forest collecting Strawberry Tree cuttings

HappyDays 133

February 23, 2015

#HappyDays 133 Survived 65km/hr winds trying to blow me off a cliff as I waited for the sun to set.

HappyDays 132

February 22, 2015

#HappyDays 132 Sat down and went through my spanish flash cards again, Felt motivated to actually learn something.

HappyDays 131

February 21, 2015

#HappyDays 131 Windy days are excellent to spend in front of a computer and get all your projects a little further to completion

HappyDays 130

February 20, 2015

#HappyDays 130 Printed the photos of the four Morroccan boys from Zagora to send to the hostel we stayed at so they can each get a copy

HappyDays 129

February 19, 2015

#HappyDays 129 Cutting into a freshly picked grapefruit from the neighbours and then enjoying it with salt and sugar for an afternoon snack

HappyDays 128

February 18, 2015

#HappyDays 128 Finished the first draft of the first book of my Pattern Cards with the first 94 of Pattern Language typed and edited. Next is the diagrams

HappyDays 127

February 17, 2015

#HappyDays 127 Bought 53 varieties of seeds for el Villa de Espania to be planted in April, next is trees and bushes.

HappyDays 126

February 16, 2015

#HappyDays 126 Turned the compost pile for the first time which was steaming away at max metabolic activity, thats 65 Celsius

HappyDays 125

February 15, 2015

#HappyDays 125 Finished pages three and four of my new portfolio

HappyDays 124

February 14, 2015

#HappyDays 124 experienced a Spanish BBQ… Equal parts beer, meat and flamenco

HappyDays 123

February 13, 2015

#HappyDays 123 Ate salt and vinager chips after over four months of being away from them, tears were in my eyes.

HappyDays 122

February 12, 2015

#HappyDays 122 Started making my Pattern Language cards for my second portfolio project

HappyDays 121

February 11, 2015

#HappyDays 121 Built a three cubic meter compost pile today from the weeding we did in the veggie garden.

HappyDays 120

February 10, 2015

#HappyDays 120 Finished the first two pages of my new portfolio, or at least the digital elements, with a total redesign of my old architect projects.

February 9, 2015

#HappyDays 119 Ate borscht made from vegetables that we only found while weeding the garden beds

HappyDays 118

February 8, 2015

#HappyDays 118 Played fetch with a giant teddy bear (dog) between gardening and making compost

HappyDays 117

February 7, 2015

#HappyDays 117 Walked around the farm learning about ancient Arab water systems that are still being used to supply our drinking water from the hills.

HappyDays 116

February 6, 2015

#HappyDays 116 Being shown around the new residence at La Loma my jaw was dragging on the floor the whole time.

HappyDays 115

February 5, 2015

#HappyDays 115 Suntanned for almost an hour before the wind picked up and i almost froze to death

HappyDays 114

February 4, 2015

#HappyDays 114 Picked mushrooms (blewit) and started some mycelium cultures for the garden.

HappyDays 113

February 3, 2015

#HappyDays 113 Spent a rainy day getting my website in order and with enough content to make public, check it out at www.lloydrichardsdesign.com

HappyDays 112

February 2, 2015

#HappyDays 112 Successfully wiped and reinstalled my computer which means Im now able to start getting on with all the projects that’ve been piling up… like website and blogs!

HappyDays 111

February 1, 2015

#HappyDays 111 After getting back from a long walk in the orchards I was seriously thinking of going for a swim… its spring!