Take a moment to think about your garden.  Think about what you use it for? How often you use it?  And how it make you feel? 
Now take a moment to think about what you want your garden to be.  Does it grow veggies? Do you show it to your friends and neighbours? Do you love being in it?  
And finally, take a moment to think about what is stopping you from achieving the latter.  Is it time? Is it knowledge? Is it resources?

Now if your first reaction is to clear the area and lay down cement or AstroTurf, then maybe we are not who you are looking for.  But if your reaction is to plant, inspire and grow and you think of your garden as a member of your family rather than an attachment to your house, then we are exactly who you are looking for.

Lloyd Richards Design specializes in regenerative garden design, a system approach to design that connects multiple fields of study and expertise to create beautiful and abundant spaces for living.  We work with both residential clients and community groups to bring life back into spaces and set up systems for resilience, sustainability and adaptation.  Working to design, maintain and teach practical solutions for land management at a human scale we help to communicate the needs of our planet with the wants of its occupants.

Welcome to our site. We hope to answer your questions and inspire you to the possibilities of regenerative design in your garden.

For Residential

Whether your garden needs a professional makeover, some care and attention or you just want to learn how to make things grow, Lloyd Richards Design is here to help. We provide a full range of professional garden design, maintenance and educational services. From lawn maintenance to ecological planning to workshops to assisted gardening.

Regenerative garden design is about using organic, low disturbance techniques to build healthy soil, promote resilience and build nutrient cycling within the garden. Our job as regenerative gardeners is to communicate the needs of your garden with the wants of your home in order to find balance and synergy between them.

Our services include:


Garden Design

(Product) Scale Drawing of organic garden tailored to clients needs. Includes site analysis, site plans, detailed reports, project estimation.


Garden Maintenance

(Service) Time based service for providing organic gardening to those unable. Includes time on site, report summarizing work done and next steps.


(Service) Knowledge based service that teach people technical and practical information on permaculture and regenerative gardening.

 For more information on our services or a look at some of our past projects please check out the Residential Services.  Or contact us via email lloyd.d.richards@gmail.com or phone 07400490311

For Community

Lloyd Richards Design is based on three core ethics:

  1. Care for the Earth
  2. Care for People
  3. Return of Surplus

While these underpin every decision we make, the most important to our work with community projects is return of surplus.  Most communities rely on volunteers for the majority of their work and can't afford professional help.  We want to change this by providing subsidized rates on our professional services and products.

As a non profit, we provide a guarantee that we are reinvesting in our communities by allowing those developing projects in social and environmental sustainability with the skills and knowledge they need.  We want to make sure that design and information is accessible to everyone, especially those making a difference in the world.  So how do we do this?

Our first effort is to bring affordable garden services to community projects by providing subsidized rated.  By using profits from our residential services we can offer professional services with risking quality or commitment.

Our second effort is volunteer at least one day a week to new and upcoming projects.  By offering advice, tools and labour we make a huge impact in the initial development of green spaces around the cities.

And our third effort is to provide high quality information and knowledge that is accessible to everyone.  This may be in the form of seasonal pamphlets, posters, or tutorials but will always be provided without strings, fees or subscriptions.

In this way Lloyd Richards Design demonstrates its ethical commitment to the community without compromising on professionalism or growth.  We stand as a regenerative model for business and non profit integration through synergy and mutual dependence.

Recent Projects

Raised Garden Beds in Devon

Raised Garden Beds in Devon

Garden Side Decking in Clifton

Garden Side Decking in Clifton

Cordwood Path in Clifton

Cordwood Path in Clifton

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